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Gauztex Self-Adhering Grip & Safety Tape – First Aid Tape


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Gauztex First Aid Tape is easy to apply, breathable and sticks only to itself – not to skin, hair or clothing. No added tape or pins are necessary, and it won't leave a sticky residue or pull hair or skin upon removal.
Gauztex First Aid Tape can be used for:
  • Wrapping dry or wet dressings over wounds – It sticks to itself, even when wet
  • A support wrap for sprains and strains – It won't restrict circulation like elastic bandages
  • Equipment stabilization for IVs, monitors and catheters
  • Vascular post-operative wrap
  • Edema control and promoting circulation and healing
  • Leg ulcer wrap and finger immobilization
  • Can be sterilized in an autoclave without damage
*Gauztex First Aid Tape should not be applied directly to wounds or to persons with a latex allergy.